Puppy Naming Contest

It's Puppy Nameapalooza!!!!!

About 6 weeks ago the Pet Pantry took in an incredibly sweet Shepard Mix dog named "Sasha" who was actually found in Kentucky by a Good Samaritan from Lancaster County who was traveling through down there.  She noticed that "Sasha" had an injury to her hind leg. A visit to a vet revealed that the problem was a hip that had popped out of the socket.  Because of the length of time she had been like that, a certain surgical procedure was needed to allow her to walk without discomfort.  The Pantry had the ability to perform this surgery, so she was surrendered to us to care for. 
As we were preparing to get "Sasha" ready for her surgery and checking her out further we noticed that she happened to be pregnant and only a week or so away from delivering.  The surgery on her leg was not an emergency need on her part, so we placed her in a foster home and soon she delivered 7 very cute and cuddly puppies.  As you can see from the photo, they are now about 5 weeks old and in need of names.  That is where YOU come in.  The Pet Pantry will be holding a naming contest to give all these little bundles of joy the best possible names to go through life with.  In the process YOU can help provide the funds needed to cover the cost of "Sasha's" hip surgery and spay.  So here is how it will work. 
For a donation of 5 dollars to the Pantry, we are asking you to submit  to 2 names (1 female and 1 male) for the puppies.  After we collect all the names over the next week, we will place them all up for vote by the Public to see what great names these lucky pups will get.  You can offer your suggestion in person at the Pantry or online by visiting the donation area by clicking HERE.  When you make your donation online, be sure to click on the "Special Instructions for seller" part right under your donation amount and place the names you want to submit there.  The time for submitting names will run through Sunday May 21st.  After that, we will collect all the names submitted and put them up for a vote.  If you have any questions, please contact us here at the Pantry.