Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees


Cat Adoptions

Kittens up thru 6 months-$125
7 months to 6 years- $85
7 years and up- $65


Dog Adoptions

We love dogs! However, due to a lack of space we rely on foster homes to house dogs that come through our rescue. We, unfortunately, just aren't able to do as many dog adoptions because of this. Rather than have set prices for dog adoption fees, we base their fee off of the dogs age as well as what the dog needs done medically upon intake to be adoption ready. If you are interested in a dog, please feel free to contact us and inquire about their adoption fee!

Did You Know?

When you adopt a cat from our rescue, there are numerous things that have already been done to ensure their health and vitality. They also cost our rescue a good deal of money to be done. So as you can see, getting a cat from the Pet Pantry is not only a great way to save a life, but it is also a save for your wallet as getting a kitten or cat from a breeder or a newspaper ad would still require you to have all these things done. The Pet Pantry does not make money on their adoptions, so if you would like to make a donation to help offset some of the costs for the Pantry, please do so. The more you give the more we can do to "Meet the Need"!