Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is made up of various members of the local community.  As its primary stewards, the Board of Directors ensures that the associations day-to-day activities connect with the long-term evolution of the Pet Pantry.  The Board supports the staff's efforts to create distinctive and meaningful value for all stakeholders through its thoughtful oversight, ongoing strategic thinking and foresight, and consistent investment in innovation.  The Board also strives to ensure that its work, as well as the work of other association contributors, embodies a shared commitment to collaboration, passion, and professionalism.

Any correspondence to the Board of Directors can be sent via mail to:

Pet Pantry Board of Directors

C/O Melody Sanders

26 Millersville Road

Lancaster, PA 17603

Members of the Board

Melody Sanders- President/CEO

Michael Stern - Head Chair

Kelly Roeder - Secretary

Krystle Black- Treasurer

Ashley Etue, DVM - Officer

Carole Kirchner - Officer

Diane Dayton- Officer