Updates to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County Operations in Light of the COVID-19 Closures
Lancaster County will be officially moving into the Green Phase of the Governors Recovery Plan. While the color has changed, it really has not impacted the protocols we currently have in place at the Pet Pantry, as we still must comply with all the recommendations and requirements of the CDC in allowing the public access to our building. The health and welfare of all the public and our staff and volunteers is, of course, paramount to all of us here at the Pantry so we thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work to move through this "new normal". We do thank everyone who has been understanding of these procedures and has worked with us to make things as easy as possible. For reference, below is how our policies will continue to be going forward until further changes or clearances are made:
Public will only enter from the side porch door and exit from
the front door after all transactions have been made.
1. Masks must be worn the enter Pet Pantry Building
2. Adoption Room visitation will only be permitted to pre-
approved adoption applications. Visitation is limited to 2
members per household.
3. Thrift Shop will be limited to 2 members per household
and a 10-minute time limit. All purchases will be paid for
at the front desk and then customers will exit the front
4. Rest Rooms will not be available to the general public. NO
Anyone with questions or concerns about our operating procedures during this time are urged to call us at (717) 983-8878 or email us at
Finally, we expect there to be a spike in demand for temporary assistance with pet food as this pandemic moves forward. While we are fairly well stocked with dog food to cover increased need, we are in CRITICAL NEED OF DRY CAT FOOD. We do know a lot of you have been ordering for us off of Chewy and other sites and we sincerely THANK YOU for it!!! The issue that has developed is there is now a backlog of shipping all the food requested by everyone out of those sites, so we will not see that food initially. What we are asking is that if anyone who is local to the Pet Pantry is out shopping, please consider picking up an extra bag or two of dry cat food and merely dropping it off on our side porch at any time. We are happy with any brand. In fact, in these tough economic times, we would love to see people shop at some of the local pet stores that are still open (They are considered life sustaining businesses as well) and have been such great supporters of us as well. These stores are all locally operated and would love to see the increased support and patronage at this time. The stores include:
Pet Value Willow Street
Pet Value Lititz
Keystone Pets
Pet Supplies Plus
Petco on Lincoln Highway
All of these stores are fully stocked and just waiting for you to come by and get some great things for your critters, and maybe a nice bag of cat food or two as well. Thank you for anything you can give to us at this time!!!
The Pet Pantry of Lancaster County will continue to put out updates as needed to inform all of you about our operations and any other pertinent pet health related information. We, as always, THANK YOU for your amazing support of us and of everyone in the community during these unprecedented times and look forward to the time when we can all return to some normalcy and continue our mission of "Meeting the Need" to the fullest!!