Food Program Information

Food Program Information

The Pet Pantry was founded with the primary mission of helping to prevent the surrender of people’s beloved pets because they could not afford to provide them with the proper food. We started helping only 18 families over 9 years ago and today we are helping over 250, with more on our waiting list. We hold food handouts for those families on our program once a month (See Schedule Below).

To be considered for our food program, you must be approved after filling out an application. You can access this application and the criteria for being on the program by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Please understand that the demand for this service currently is greater than the supply of food we have on hand for it. We will not take someone onto the program unless we are sure that we can supply monthly food to them. As such, there may be a waiting period before you are accepted into the program. We apologize for this, but as a program that is driven by food donations, we are reliant on the generosity of the community to make the program run. We try to keep these wait times to as short a period as possible.

Food Distribution Schedule

Scheduled Pet Food Distributions in 2022 are

Jan 8th (double)

Feb  26th (double)

April 23rd (double)

June 11th (double)

  July 30th  (double)

Sept 24th  (double)

 Nov 12th (double)


Dates could be subject to change, cancellations, or change of dates will be noted on our website, voicemail, and notification sent through email to our clients.