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The veterinarian will perform spay and neuter surgeries for the Pet Pantry’s Fix Lancaster Program.
The veterinarian will be responsible for the medical and surgical care of all-day surgery patients from
the time of their arrival until discharge. The veterinarian will interact with clients at check-in and at
other times when issues pertaining to the surgical care of animals arise.

– must be a PA licensed DVM/VMD
– must be familiar with DEA requirements for recording and handling controlled substances
– perform physical examinations on all patients at the time of check-in and address concerns with the
– maintain physical examination records on all animals scheduled for surgery
– record all pre-surgical pharmaceuticals used for animals admitted for surgery
– complete the Fear Free Shelter course, practice fear-free handling techniques, and advocate for the
   patient to minimize its stress during its stay.
– evaluate pre-surgical blood results and contact owners if any concerns arise
– lead the surgical team in keeping the patient flow for surgery efficient
– be able to perform surgery for 4-8 hrs daily
– Maintain surgery records on all animals undergoing procedures
– limit anesthesia time to less than 1 hr per patients
– follow HQHVSN techniques for spay/neuter (including cryptorchid castrations)
– perform subcuticular closures and scoring tattoos on all animals altered
– be able to handle surgical emergencies in a calm and effective manner
– perform post-operative evaluations on patients prior to discharge
– prescribe post-operative pain medication and other pharmaceuticals deemed necessary for the
surgical patients
– maintain drug logs
– lead practice drills for anesthetic or surgical emergencies with the surgical team
– meet with the Medical Director and Surgical Supervisor weekly for rounds

Medical Director and/or CEO




Job Description: Veterinary Assistant

General Job Description:

The Veterinary Assistant will assist the veterinarian in all tasks pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the animals being cared for at the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County and its medically related off-site events. They will be responsible for the maintaining of the hospital area, interacting with clients, foster parents, and members of the public regarding issues pertaining to veterinary care of the animals.

Job Requirements/Skills/Physical Demands

An employee in this position must have at minimum two years’ experience in the veterinary assistant field, have a strong desire to work with animals, show great compassion for their care, be able to recognize signs of basic illness and injury in animals, be able to work in a high-stress environment, be able to handle and work with scared and aggressive animals, be able to stand and work on their feet for 6-8 hours a day, have great organizational skills, understand basic computer word processing and data management software, read and write in English, be able to lift dogs up to 50 pounds to chest height, be able to walk dogs up to 100 pounds safely and be able to easily interact and work with various different departments in the Pantry.

Essential Duties

  • Help create and maintain records of all animals that are seen through the veterinary program
  • Induce and maintain animals under anesthesia under the supervision of the veterinarian
  • Check-in and check out animals that are presented for medical/surgical procedures
  • Prep animals for surgery
  • Monitor animals during surgery and recovery
  • Draw blood for basic testing purposes
  • Restrain animals for procedures/exams
  • Help schedule appointments for the spay/neuter service
  • Assist in vaccine clinics
  • Administer oral, injectable, and topical medications to animals
  • Maintain inventory of medical supplies and order supplies as needed
  • Keep the surgical suite clean and organized
  • Assist the public and foster parents with basic medical concerns of their animals
  • Maintain any drug logs
  • Fill prescriptions for animals and properly label medication containers/vials
  • Assist in the carrying out of feral cat TNR clinics
  • Vaccinate animals under the supervision of the veterinarian
  • Use proper cleaning protocols to sanitize cages
  • Other duties as assigned,

Reports To

Medical Director and/or President

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $12.00 – $14.00 per hour