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 Appointment Information for 2024

Vaccine Clinic: Monday, April 22nd,  Thursday, May 23rd                    

Reserve appointments for Spay & Neuter Procedures or Vaccine Clinic online or call  for  appointment availability 717-983-8878

Your pet’s health and well-being is of the utmost importance to our veterinarian staff  for this reason.

The following breeds of dogs and cats we are unable to spay or neuter at our facility:

Doberman Breed or Doberman mixed breeds: because of  a blood-clotting disorder called Von Willebrand’s Disease. Bull Dogs and Bull Dog mixes

Sphynx Cat Breed: because of special anesthesia needs.

We also prefer not to perform a spay neuter procedure on the Savannah cat breed. Our facility is not set up with the proper environment to provide a stress-free experience for this exotic cat.

Dog surgery days are Wednesdays and Thursdays, and cat surgery days are on Tuesdays. Typically, vaccine clinics are held the first or second Saturday of the month, however, if that Saturday falls on a holiday, we reserve the right to change the date. Vaccine clinics are posted one month in advance.


NOTICE: TNR appointments can be made by calling 717-983-8878

If you need to reschedule or make changes to an appointment, you will need to call us at 717-983-8878.

When you schedule your pet for either type of appointment, you will be asked for a  non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment. This  deposit must be made at the time you schedule. No exceptions will be made. The deposit will go toward the cost of the procedure (surgery or vaccinations). When you submit your payment, please only click the button only once. It takes a minute to process, but clicking multiple times will cause multiple charges.

Should you need to reschedule your pet’s surgery appointment, this deposit can be used towards the new appointment as long as the procedure is rescheduled a minimum of 48 hours before originally scheduled date. A new deposit will need to be collected if you wish to reschedule under the 48- hour period, or if you cancel or miss your appointment. In these instances, you may be asked to pay in full when rescheduling. We will do our best to reschedule your pet’s procedure with the earliest appointment possible, but the wait can be several weeks to a few months long. Rescheduling the appointment must be done within three months of the originally scheduled appointment or your deposit will be forfeited.

Sorry, we are not able to carry deposits to reschedule for vaccination clinics. A new deposit will need to be collected if you need to reschedule.

Please note that you can add on additional services such as micro-chipping or additional vaccinations at the time of your actual appointment. They will be an additional charge, but do not need to be noted or decided upon at the time of scheduling.

** Please note that appointments made online are for family pets only not TNR cats, please call in for TNR clinic availability.