Crazy Cat Lady Soap Company

“Josie” was born to a feral mom at the Inn at Leola Village. She was found on the property as a tiny fluffy kitten with a severe infection in both eyes. Despite the best of care, her eyes could not be saved and she had to have them removed. That didn’t stop her at all, however, and she has become the real “owner” and “supervisor” of the Crazy Cat Lady Soap Co. there. Running around, purring, playing with toys, and hanging out at her favorite window in the shop are just some of things she focuses on as part of her daily routine.

Feeling she needed to have a more “paws on” approach to things, she has now started her own line of special goat milk, honey, and glycerin soaps. As a special thank you to the Pet Pantry for spaying and neutering her mom, who still resides outside the Inn and is cared for by the staff, and the remaining kittens in her litter, all of which were able to find loving homes, she is offering 100% of the proceeds of the sales of her special soaps to the Pet Pantry. You can come by the Pantry any time during normal business hours and survey so many choices such as “Catnip Mint” and “Catitude Spice” among others.

“Josie” and the amazing folks at the Crazy Cat Lady Soap Company and Inn at Leola Village realize the important need in the Community that the Pet Pantry meets and we cannot thank them enough for this amazing showing of generosity. So please consider stopping by to see all the soaps available (they make GREAT stocking stuffers) and purchase your favorite scents!

Crazy Cat Lady Soap Company, a division of Sea Foam Soap Company is all hand made by Caroline Ann Ranoia. Her story began with her Grandmom, She lovingly made soap for the family and taught Caroline how to create a basic soap when she was a little girl. Over many years, a beautiful hobby that delighted family and friends turned into a business and a calling to share a great, natural product with the community. So, as she spends her ‘life in the bubbles,’ she loves to share this goodness for your skin with you. Sea Foam Soap Company is located in Stone Harbor NJ and is open daily year round.