Surrender Information

In the event that you need to surrender your pet or a stray, learn more about our process below.

Surrender Form

A Trusted Rehoming Option

The Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is a limited admission, no-kill, rescue organization. We provide a foster-based dog program, as well as an onsite cat adoption center. It is only through the compassion of our trained foster volunteers that we are able to provide such exceptional care for animals in transition.

All of our intakes for surrendered or stray animals are on an appointment only basis. The scheduling of intake appointments depends on available onsite cat housing, as well as foster home availability for dogs. If you are in need of rehoming assistance for your pet or for a stray or abandoned pet, please conact us. 

Alternative Rehoming Option

We do our best to help as many pets as we are able to, however, space and resources are limited. The single hardest part of our job is to have to turn animals in need away, but we need to make sure that we are properly able to care for each animal that we take in.

We know that it can be incredibly frustrating that wait times are so long when you are simply trying to do what’s right by an animal you care about. Please don’t give up!

We have found that has partnered with the Petco Foundation and begun a “Rehome” program on their page to connect people who are in need of rehoming pets with people who are looking to give a pet a home. This is another option that might prove useful for families and pets in need when other options, such as rescues, aren’t able to help.

*Please note that this program has no affiliation with the Pet Pantry and we will not be involved in the adoption process.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for an intake appointment?

Depending on the current number of animals we are caring for or have placed up for adoption; it could be anywhere from a week to several months before we would have an available intake appointment.

What happens once an intake appointment is scheduled?

An animal scheduled for an intake appointment will undergo a medical and behavior assessment. Also, all cats will be tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids viruses. Please note, an intake appointment does not guarantee an animal’s acceptance into the rescue. Each animal must pass the evaluations in order to be considered for the rescue.

Are there any costs associated with surrendering?

We do require a surrender fee which helps provide the necessary veterinary care and daily supportive care to the surrendered animal.

Surrender Fees:

  • $50.00 per cat
  • $75.00 per cat litter
  • $75.00 per dog
  • $100.00 per dog litter
Do I need to bring anything to my intake appointment?

When you arrive for your scheduled intake appointment, please have your valid identification, any pertinent paperwork/veterinary records for your pet, and payment for the surrender fee. If the animal is accepted into the rescue, you will be asked to sign a surrender form which transfers legal custody of the pet to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County.