Our Mission

Our mission as a local nonprofit group is to help avoid the surrender of a family pet due to the lack of resources to feed and care for them. Pet Pantry of Lancaster County wants to lend a temporary helping hand to ease the burden, whether the cause is from trying economic times, health or emergency related circumstances. It is more evident than ever before that our pets not only bring us companionship and love but they are sometimes our only source of comfort when facing hardship. We are working in cooperation with local animal organizations to do what we can to keep family pets where they should stay-in their forever home.

Providing Emergency and longer term pet food assistance to those in need to make sure their loving pets can stay in their homes and part of their family!! Click the logo to learn more about the Program and how you can donate food.

Dry Food Given Out so far in 2017: 12,064 lbs

# of Cans of Wet Food Give Out so far in 2017:  3,037

# of Bags of Treats Given Out so far in 2017:  700

Helping to keep pets healthy and reducing the pet overpopulation concerns through our lower cost spay/neuter, feral cat TNR programs, and life saving procedures for those who can't afford regular veterinary costs.  Click the logo to learn more about how you can get your pet or feral cat spayed or neutered.

Amount in Discounted Veterinary Services Provided in 2017 to those in need so far: $40,432.62

Providing loving forever homes to cats and dogs that are just looking for that second chance in life to show how amazing they can be as a loving addition to your family.  Click the logo to learn more and see who is waiting for you to take them home today!

Number of Forever Homes Found So Far in 2017:  113