Volunteer Application

Help Respond to the Need

While the animals are our number one priority and require the most time and effort, it takes a lot to keep the all of our programs up and running. Volunteer help is required in many different areas. Some of the tasks available for volunteers to assist with include:

Adopt, Clean, and Feed Shifts (All Centers)
  • Involves cleaning cages at adoption centers, feeding and watering cats, and cleaning litterboxes
  • Involves socializing and handling of the cats
  • Offsite adoption locations will involve answering questions to the public about the cats and the adoption process
  • Offsite adoption centers may require some set-up/tear-down of the exercise area
  • Offsite adoption centers will involve learning to do adoption paperwork to send cats home with approved adopters
  • Clean and feed shifts require a training session for proper cleaning protocols that MUST be followed to keep our cats healthy
Pet Pantry Phone and Customer Service Shifts (Main Office)
  • Answering phones
  • Assisting with customers/clients that come in during business hours
  • Ringing out thrift shop purchases
Pet Food Packaging/Distribution Shifts (Main Office)
  • Mixing and packaging of pet food
  • Set-up/Tear-down for distribution
  • Loading food for clients
Pet Pantry Representative at Community Events (Varies By Event)
  • Picking up/Dropping off supplies for the event
  • Set-up/tear-down of area for event
  • Providing information about our organization to the public
  • Handling money if sales are occurring at the event

If you are willing and able to help out with any of these tasks, please fill out our volunteer application. From that point you will be invited to a volunteer orientation meeting where we will go over what areas we need help in and how to get started signing up for shifts.