Feral Cat Assistance

Feral Cat Trap/Neuter/Return Clinics

Feral, stray, and "Community Cats" are an issue that is constantly brought up among animal welfare organizations. Often there is a battle among different groups on how best to deal with the "problem" some people claim these cats cause to their environment. The only proven effective method of helping to stabilize the population of these cats is through a program call TNR. TNR stands for "Trap/Neuter/Return". It is a program where cats are humanely trapped, brought to a clinic to be altered, get basic vaccinations, and then are returned to the area that they were trapped from. Often a colony of cats is cared for by one or two people. They provide food and, in some cases, shelters for the cats. By performing TNR in a colony, we are able to better stabilize the population numbers in the colony by preventing many litters of kittens from being born and keeping new cats from encroaching on the colony. While no program is 100% perfect in dealing with Feral Cats, we feel that TNR is the most effective one that is currently out there. The Pet Pantry is happy to provide the TNR service to the community and will be looking to expand our services in this area in the near future. Please check back to this page often for updates on when the next clinics will be.

Important Information About the TNR Clinics

Please note the following regarding the procedure for feral cat TNR Clinics at the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, 26 Millersville Road, Lancaster

  • These clinics are for FERAL AND STRAY CATS ONLY!! Owned cats can be scheduled through our regular clinic for spay/neuter surgeries.
  • The cost is $35.00 per cat male or female. This includes the surgery, rabies and FVRCP (commonly called Distemper) vaccine, and ear tip. Other services can be performed for a fee (worming, FeLV/FIV test, etc.)
  • All cats will have the very tip of their left ear removed. This is so they can be identified as being altered and being cared for in a colony. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE
  • All Cats MUST BE PICKED UP THE SAME DAY THEY ARE DROPPED OFF FOR SURGERY. The Pet Pantry does not have the ability to house these cats overnight.
  • Some basic medical care (cleaning wounds, treating infections, etc.) can be performed at these clinics. A slight cost will be incurred for these services to cover materials used. It will be at the sole discretion of the veterinarian if a feral cat can be treated for an ailment or not.

Scheduling your Feral Cat for TNR Surgery

TNR Clinics are normally held on Fridays, to schedule a feral cat, please remember that you MUST CALL the Pet Pantry for TNR Clinic availability  at (717) 983-8878.

          We DO NOT accept walk ins and book slots 2 weeks prior to clinic date